Uncategorized “2% Inflation Objective” After every Fed meeting where they decide whether to raise, lower, or leave the federal funds rate unchanged, it is explicitly stated that they are trying to meet a “2% inflation objective.” I don’t know how many people think about that goal but what it essentially means is that the prices of goods and services […]
Uncategorized “Momentum building” in Seattle area “Momentum building” in the Seattle area housing market. Latest news release from the NW Multiple Listing Service… http://ow.ly/5byWx
Uncategorized Seattle Area Real Estate Recap for April 2011 Like I’ve mentioned recently, it’s going to be tough to compare this year’s early statistics to last year because we had the tax credit in effect through last April. So, again it is not surprising to see that sales numbers this April are lighter than last year. Nevertheless, they’re holding up pretty well. Sold and […]
Uncategorized Housing market “warming.” Housing market “warming.” Latest news release from the NW Multiple Listing Service… http://ow.ly/4OekM
Uncategorized Seattle Area Real Estate Statistics for March 2011 Considering that we’re comparing data to last year when we had the tax credit, the housing market is actually holding up quite well. Pending and sold properties increased about 35-40% over February, which is typical as we head into spring. Sold properties declined about 15% from last March but pending sales are about flat compared […]
Uncategorized Housing market doing “surprisingly well Housing market doing “surprisingly well.” Latest news release from the NW Multiple Listing Service… http://ow.ly/4xNPN
Uncategorized Seattle Area Real Estate Statistics for February 2011 The new year started off very well with busy open houses in January and a lot of inventory getting sold in February. We don’t have the same tax credit incentive that we had going into last April, but optimism still seems high for a good spring housing market this year. It will be hard to […]
Uncategorized Latest MLS Press Release… “February h Latest MLS Press Release… “February housing activity yields reason for optimism…” http://ow.ly/47xLu
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Uncategorized Seattle Area Real Estate Statistics for January 2011 Stats are out for January and there are some interesting things to look at. After the “calm” of the holiday season, we are off to a brisk start to the new year. Open houses were very busy in January and that has seemed to translate into contracts written. Closed sales decreased in January, which is […]
Uncategorized Seattle Area Real Estate Market Statistics – December 2010 Happy New Year!  To kick off 2011, let's recap the last 5 years of the housing market in King and Snohomish Counties.  At the end of 2005, the market was running on all cylinders and nearly one in every two homes that came on the market sold in a month…  Put differently, there was only about 2 […]
Uncategorized Seattle Area Housing Market Statistics for November 2010 As I've mentioned many times, we have been fairly flat as far as prices go for over a year now.  Well, average prices did hit a new low in November.  For King and Snohomish Counties combined, the average price now stands at $398,000 and the average price per square foot is $183.  These levels are just slightly […]
Uncategorized Seattle Area Housing Market Statistics for October 2010 Let's jump right into the stats for King and Snohomish Counties combined for October…  Active listings decreased 5.3% from September but are up 7.4% from October 2009.  Pending sales are up 13.2% from September but are down 10.9% from last October.  Closed sales declined 5.9% from September and also declined 32.4% from last year at […]
Uncategorized Time for Reflection Since real estate activity starts to slow down a bit as we hit the holidays, this is always a good time to take a deep breath and reflect on the year to date.  2010 started with the homebuyer tax credit which definitely put a “bid” under the market and pushed prices up slightly and cleared […]
Uncategorized Seattle Area Housing Market Statistics for September 2010 True to form, activity picked up in September after summer "unofficially" ended around Labor Day.  It hasn't been a barn burner of a month by any means, but it was nice to see open houses get busier and some inventory get sold.  The sales will become more obvious in the stats after this month, but […]
Uncategorized Seattle Area Housing Market Statistics for August 2010 Summer always seems to leave us a little sooner than most of us want, but one bonus of this time of year is that at least we generally get to see a little pick up in housing activity during the autumn months.  Vacations are over, kids are back in school, and those who have been […]
Uncategorized Seattle Area Housing Market Statistics for July 2010 July stats are out and it's a little bit of a mixed bag as far as the data goes.  I'm posting 5 year charts to give a little perspective on what's happened over the last half-decade but I will zero in on the past year or so.  Inventory is up since June and it is […]
Uncategorized Seattle Area Housing Market Statistics for June 2010 June stats are out and while we're still seeing some sogginess with pending sales after the end of the tax credit, they did tick up slightly in June after they deflated in May.  While sold and pending sales went up slightly from last month, so did new listings.  We have more active listings currently than we did in […]
Uncategorized Seattle Housing Statistics for May 2010 May stats are out and the immediate effects of the end of the tax credit are quite clear.  Pending sales have been nearly cut in half from April.  It shouldn't be shocking, but it is still a little disconcerting to see such a precipitous fall off at this time of the year.  In a way, it's […]
Uncategorized April 2010 Statistics April stats are out and I'm going to recap King and Snohomish Counties combined.  Every home and situation is different, but this will give you a general idea of what the numbers look like whether you're in north King County or south Snohomish County.  As an aside, if you ever want charts or statistics for […]
Uncategorized March 2010 Statistics March stats are out and I'm going to give a longer perspective of what's been going on over the past 5 years… In my February stats post, I pointed out how big an uptick we had for pending sales.  Well, that trend continued in March.  For King County, pending sales in March were up 57.6% […]